About Patrick

I’m a technical artist in Seattle, wait, now Bethesda!

Technical Assistant – “Charlotte’s Web”, 2006
Animator – DS, 3DS, Wii, 2006-2010
Technical Artist – 2011 – Present

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2 thoughts on “About Patrick

  1. I came across some of your tech artist content recently – and saw that you’re in the DC metro area. I’m reaching out to you because I live in Arlington dont really have any peers in the tech artist domain. Would you happen to know of any folks in here in the DC area (perhaps yourself) that might be willing to to give me some input on some Maya plugins I’ve been developing? Sorry if I’m barking up the wrong tree!

    – Randy Blahut

  2. Hi Randy – Are you on tech-artists.org? That’s been a big resource for me. I don’t know of any tech-art people out here yet, though I’m probably out of the loop a bit, as I moved away from games/film for now. I’m definitely curious about what you’re working on though!

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